Why You Should Use Owens Corning Colorado Springs Products

byAlma Abell

Owens Corning Colorado Springs has proven its commitment to the production of products that are more sustainable due to the process of innovation, an efficient use of available resources, as well as programs that help to reduce impacts on the environment.

Products that Save Energy

Owens Corning in Colorado Springs has led the way in meeting all of the needs that are present for more energy efficiency by the delivery of a number of different product solutions, including sealing products, fiber glass insulation and other items that make structures much more efficient.


Owens Corning products are also a leader in the industry for utilizing insulation products that have been recycled. The light density fiberglass insulation that is used by the brand uses at minimum a total of 58 percent recycled materials. Some products sold in Canada are up to 73 percent recycled content. This places them at the top of the list for environmentally friendly materials that can be used in homes and businesses.

Roofing Uses

With the use of Owens Corning you can select your own roof, design what you want it to look like and the features that it has. This makes it an extremely appealing product in the roofing industry that provides more options than other materials that are commonly used. Added with the environmentally friendly origins, these are materials that are becoming a mainstream product in the roofing industry.

Additionally, when it is time to install a new roof, you can recycle all of the materials that were used. This repurposes them, giving them another life, further benefiting the environment by not ending up in landfills.

If you are interested in the benefits offered by these types of materials for your roof, you should contact the Aspen Roofing Inc Company today to find out more. They can provide you with pricing, options and answer any questions that you may have. Why not receive a beautiful roof that is also environmentally friendly? This is exactly what Owens Corning has to offer.