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Portable Oxygen A Handheld Lifesaver}

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Submitted by: Dave Matthews

Portable oxygen concentrators were first introduced nearly 10 years again and have revolutionised the field of oxygen therapy. These oxygen machines vary in size from larger home based units to smaller, more portable pieces of equipment. All portable oxygen units are electrically powered and simply extract oxygen from the surrounding air in order to deliver it to the user in higher concentrations.

Regardless of the size of some of these units, they all provide the same function as they are all designed to be powered from the mains or a battery setup. As technology and design have improved over the years, these oxygen units have become smaller and much more simple and convenient to carry around. This has resulted in portable oxygen units that are usable for a much wider range of applications.

The air around us is predomenantly nitrogen, with the remainder being approximately 20% oxygen and 2% made up of other gases. Studies estimate that around 200 years ago the Earth’s atmosphere had an oxygen concentration of approximately 36%. This means that oxygen has decreased by around 0.8% every 15 years. This is due to a variety of reasons including air pollution and the destruction of rain forests. Oxygen concentration levels also vary depending on the altitude, with concentration being as low as 8% in some areas.

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These portable units extract oxygen from the air and direct it into a regulated flow of concentrated oxygen at the required pressure level. They can be carried around quite comfortably by using either their handle, an accessory bag or even pulled around in a small cart which has a telescopic handle and wheels.

It is this portability that has revolutionised the way in which people are treated with oxygen. Rather than having to be treated at hospital, patients are now free to carry on with their daily lives and take part in social and sporting activities as well as jobs around the home. As oxygen equipment improves in it’s functionality and design, the list of tasks that patients are able to do grows ever larger.

A few years ago this loss of mobility was a real issue for people who were reliant upon oxygen. Until you find out that you require regular supplemental oxygen, you dont realise what an inconvenience it to miss out on event the most trivial aspects of life such as being able to go round to a friend’s house, going shopping or travelling to another country. In fact it is only very recently that these portable oxygen concentrators have been given approval for use on passenger flights.

The benefits of being able to carry on with everyday life and pursue these normal activities can never be overstated. The effect of being able to undertake seemingly minor activities has the effect of leading on and enabling the user to take part in larger activities. This new found freedom can impact on their mental state, allowing them to lead a much happier and positive life. This mental positivity may even have the effect of strngthening the immune system which adds to the patient’s all round well being.

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