Log Cabin Homes Deciding To Go With The Rustic Appeal Of These Homes

Log Cabin Homes – Deciding to Go With the Rustic Appeal of These Homes by Jonathan WoodgraveYou wouldn’t really think it to look at them, but among custom specialty homes, log cabin homes are the most popular choices these days. In the UK and in America, simple utilitarian log cabin homes have been around for at least 500 years. Somehow, the basic and crude living experience that they have provided for centuries has evolved in people’s minds over the years into an image of something wholesome, romantic, and even quaintly luxurious. If those ancient American settlers were to cast their eyes over one of these, they would certainly see a familiar shape in the exterior; but they would find remarkable, the uniform shape of the milled logs, the spectacularly well-done window finishes and the way the logs interlocked perfectly at the corners. And once they stepped inside, so luxurious are modern log cabin homes these days that a roaring fireplace could well be the only thing they recognize anymore.The log cabin homes you would find on sale anywhere in the country these days are no longer just a place to hang your hat when you go fishing or hunting in the countryside. Your first hint comes, when you look at where these homes are put up – many of them are near large cities – about as far away from the sleepy countryside as you could imagine. When you look at the additional fact that buyers don’t seem to exactly be staying away from them much of the time, you realize that people buy them these days, to live in, as a place to call their primary home.But that seems a little unconventional doesn’t it? You usually look at a primary residence you build as an investment. Who on earth has any experience looking for log cabins that actually appreciate in value, and leave you holding a lot more at the end of 10 years? Since you ask, everybody apparently. Log cabin homes, in spite of being somewhat unloved in some parts of the investment business, have begun to be seen both as a great investment. They are so mainstream today; you could take advantage of many excellent finance options. Of all kinds of rustic or unconventional custom homes, log cabin homes appreciate in value much better. And they find ready buyers too when they come up on sale at these high prices. You can see the same trend going across America as well, where the mortgage giant Fannie Mae, has decided to underwrite these purchases quite enthusiastically.But before you sit down with a catalog of log cabin homes for sale to pick from, a good idea would be to consider a few things that might affect your purchase decision. To begin with, log cabin homes do not exactly sell for the price of “a cabin”. Log cabin homes can end up costing as much as 200,000, not including the land they occupy or lots of luxury extras. If you choose a package, or a kit to build a home from, you’ll usually not get everything you need for a finished home. What the kit costs won’t be half of what you’ll need to spend before you’re done. This isn’t a project you’d undertake like putting together a set of building blocks. You do need tremendous carpentry training, and other areas of building expertise. In fact, you could end up needing as much building skill for one of these, as for a conventional home. Choosing, financing and putting together your own specialty home, could be a very rewarding experience though.With over twenty years experience in the log cabin homes industry, Jonathan Woodgrave frequently writes articles for Parks with log cabin homes for sale in the UK, helping them market their exciting new park developments.Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com