Find Reliable Dental Help For Your Dental Implants Or Dentures In Kona

byAlma Abell

There are many important reasons as to why a Kona area resident should visit their dentist regularly, one of the most important ones being the fact that your teeth serve an important role in the way you eat. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to chew the foods you need to survive. Unfortunately for many people, their teeth can decay over time regardless of how well they take care of them or how often they visit a dentist for help. Their diets play a big part in the decay of their teeth, often speeding up the process without them realizing it. When teeth get too decayed due to age, damage, or simply because of neglect, a dentist may suggest replacement procedures to give you back your smile and chewing ability. Browse website for more information.


There are typically two procedures which dentists will make use of when replacing a patient’s teeth due to decay or damage. Dental implants and Dentures in Kona are two common methods for teeth replacement, both with their own benefits and downsides. Dentures, for instance, can compact the bone underneath your gums over time, causing you to require bone grafting procedures done periodically in the future to rebuild the bone that has compacted down as you chew with your dentures. Dentures also require special cleaning solutions and storage containers to keep them bacteria free. Another downside to having dentures is the fact that they will need to be re-sized as you grow older, which can end up costing a lot of money over the years.

Typically, a reputable dentist like Carter S. Yokoyama, DDS will choose to go with dental implants instead of dentures, due to the fact that they’re healthier than dentures. The metal anchors that hold implants in place act as a tooth’s root would, stimulating the bone it’s anchored in to grow as you chew. Every time you chew, the anchor will move slightly in the bone it’s anchored in, just like a tooth’s natural root would. This movement is enough to keep the bone stimulated to produce bone growth over time. Dental implants also have another benefit, in that they look almost indistinguishable from real teeth to the naked eye. Dentures, on the other hand, can be spotted off right away as being false.