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3 Diy Methods Used In Clearing Clogged Drains In Marion Ia

byAlma Abell

Not all clogs will demand hiring a professional plumber to remove. Clogs in your bathroom or kitchen sinks that are not too advanced can be removed using DIY methods. However, it is good to leave the hard-to-remove clogs to professional plumbers. This is partly because trying to use harsh chemicals can end up damaging your plumbing pipes.

Both bathroom and kitchen do a great deal of work around your home, so you can notice any blockage right away. Typically, clogs are caused by debris that builds up in the plumbing pipes. For instance, letting crumbs, hair or grease down the drain can clog your pipes. Clearing Clogged Drains Marion IA can cost you a fortune and professional plumbers recommend that you should try the following do-it-yourself methods before you call in an expert:

Vinegar and baking soda

First pour an adequate amount of baking soda down the clogged drain and don’t add any water yet. Then take half a cup of vinegar and pour it down the drain. Next, using a rubber or a metal stopper or rags, stop up the drain. Allow the vinegar and baking soda to react inside the drain for about 30 minutes. Finally, pour boiling water down the drain to clear all debris up. Visit websiteto learn more about the methods of clearing clogged drains in Marion, IA.

Boiling water

Boiling water is a good solvent of any organic matter in your sink. Boiling water method works very well with metallic pipes or any other material apart from PVC. Heat normally causes the joints of PVC pipes to loosen. You also don’t pour boiling water on a porcelain sink bowl as it can crack. Instead, pour the boiling water direct down the drain, and the best way to do this is using a large kettle or pot. Do this until clogs are cleared completely.

Hand plunger

A hand plunger is normally used to remove a large obstruction or when the pipes are so clogged that no liquid is able to flow through. Start by removing any metal strainers or a metal stopper. Then fill the sink halfway full with water and make fast plunges to remove the clog.

If none of the above-mentioned DIY methods has worked in clearing Clogged Drains Marion IA, consider hiring professional plumbers from Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning. They are experts in sewer and drain cleaning.