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Why Hire An Estate Planning Lawyer?

byAlma Abell

There are numerous laws that come into play when you are creating your will or establishing a trust, and as such you are well advised to hire an estate planning lawyer in Santa Ana to help and guide you. For some families, a simple DIY will be enough, but for the greatest majority of people, it is important to work closely with a lawyer. When deciding whether a lawyer is needed take into account your assets, ownership of business, medical concerns and of course, your children.

Do you need help planning your estate?

The key to ensuring that your final wishes regard property distribution and your wishes regard healthcare is to work closely with an estate planning lawyer. The lawyer can help you draft your last will and testament, create a trust or help you develop a comprehensive plan that includes living trusts, healthcare provisos, tax-free gifts and more.

State laws must be followed:

Although there are minor differences, all states say what can and cannot be in a will or trust and who can and can’t serve as the trustee and what formalities must be observed when a will or trust is signed. Although there are many DIY plans available on the internet or in book stores, ask yourself if it is worth jeopardizing your estate just to save a little money. If there are mistakes made up front, it will take a lot more money after the fact to fix the errors.

What an estate planning lawyer can do:

An estate planning lawyer in Santa Ana is experienced and knows the state laws. The lawyer will discuss the state of your affairs, understand the property you own and understand your estate planning goals and the needs of those that you will leave behind. Your lawyer will lay out the options and will work alongside you to develop a plan that is tailored specifically to suit your goals.

To ensure that your estate is handled in accordance with your wishes and your family is looked after you should develop an estate plan in co-operation with an experienced estate planning lawyer in Santa Ana. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.