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Getting A Clear Understanding Of Cork Flooring}

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Getting a Clear Understanding of Cork Flooring


Vikram Kumar

Many people usually miss the point on what is cork flooring and its general idea. That leads to very many questions being asked about this type of flooring as people strive to unearth the facts. Generally, the raw material for this flooring is drawn from a tree called cork oak. It is the bark of the tree that is removed and processed before being transformed into tiles. The tiles are then used to come up with a beautiful floor in residential houses as well as offices.

That is the background information about this flooring option but you will learn more about the same in this piece. You will get adequate and satisfactory answers about some of the questions that have been frequently asked about floors made of cork. To those who think that cork floors were born out of new ideas, they are totally wrong and misinformed. Cork has been in use from the 19th century thus it is not an idea of this century. For the past two centuries, floors made of cork have been proven to be the best in quality and highly durable. You will find it more useful if you have pets in the house.

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Cats and dogs claw a lot and it is the resistant nature that makes cork suitable to withstand that over any other flooring material. The color variation of cork flooring is diverse to allow you choose your favorite. It offers an opportunity to get creative enough through mixing up different colors as per your preference. The notion that cork tiles have the same color is a misconception that you should not buy into. Also, there are no favorite places in the house that you can install cork floors as many people tend to believe. You can have it in the kitchen, bedroom, sitting room or basement but the concrete has to be clean and dry.

Also, the floor where you install cork has to be level. You dont have to be choosy in selecting the right place to have cork flooring installed. The installation process for cork floors is not very complicated and you can accomplish the mission on your own. However, you can seek professional installation services in case you feel not to be competent enough. Unlike many other flooring options, cork is not selective and will be well compatible with almost any type of floor. Wooden, concrete and tiles are all good as long as they are in good condition. They have been tested and proven to pass the test so you should have no worries.

To maintain the durability of your cork flooring, you are advised to clean it regularly through damp mopping as well as dusting. Stains should be removed immediately they occur otherwise they will be permanent if left unattended to for a long period. All this information will be vital in helping you understand cork floors.

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Cork flooring in kitchen

or any other area which will prove to be a game changer once informed.

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Getting a Clear Understanding of Cork Flooring}